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lanyard and wristband bookstoreThe Chipping Norton book store is a specialised book store which holds all the books for times in history involving the two main items of our interest Lanyards and Wristbands. These accessories are really important and yet no one really appreciates them. Some of our books really cover the larger aspect of history and can help people appreciate the products.

Did you know this about Lanyards and Wristbands?!

Do you realise how much money these items have raised over the years? Well if you think about how lanyards and wristbands have been used over the years you will find they have been used from really high pressured situations like in war to carry pistons and swords to very charitable events that have carried a brand or a terms that people have been promoting to raise money for children in need and other such events.

Lanyards and wristbands are a great item for promotional events. They are often given out almost as mementos for people that attended the event to walk anyway and be able to remember the event buy. They can also be part of a promotional event but they actually charge for the wristband or lanyard and all or a large portion of the money goes to the charity. This can be a great idea in order to help raise as much money as possible for the charity. This has led to lanyards and wristbands raising millions and millions of dollars over the years changing the lives of many. I am sure at this point you can see how these products have changed so much in the world.

Other reasons for wristbands and lanyards is security. We mentioned this at the beginning of the page briefly were this came into play slightly in the war. In particular the French had this idea of making the weapons easy accessible by using a lanyard to hold the sword or pistol. Not only did it make it easy accessible but it also made it near on impossible to lose as if the pistol fell out of the holder it would be caught by the lanyard. This is purpose is one of the most popular ones for lanyards. Many businesses have staff ID cards to ensure there security is good and complainant with many laws and to help there staff ensure they are displaying there cards properly they use lanyards that can hold the ID card and keep it secure from dropping or being stolen. This is a very good way ensure that whilst staying compliant you can ensure the costs stay low as there won’t be many people losing cards due to them having the card carried safely around there neck. Wristbands have been used as a security method by having them programmed with software that allows them to enter door ways in secure buildings. These wristbands can be programmed in such a way that these details can be stored on a on line portal where people can log in and see the stats of who entered on and off the work site and at what times. This can be great information in times of accidents or fire reports.

Got Ideas for Lanyards and Wristbands?Looking for a supplier?

At this point you are probably full of ideas that you feel you could use plain lanyards or wristbands to either help out in charitable events or in a security setting. We have come across quite a few different companies in our time of researching lanyards and wristbands. The best we found that is based in the UK is a company called Lesar. They have worked with a number of different high end clients that it was necessary for them to produce the lanyards and wristbands fully bespoke integrating different programs into the wristbands. Even though they are used to dealing with large companies they can fulfil smaller orders at the most affordable costs.

For more information on lanyards or wristbands please feel free to visit us for a book or contact us direct via our contact page and we will be happy to help you.

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